No more Social Gatherings Until The Whole World Is Vacinated- Bill Gates

There has been serious talks about developing a vaccine that will stop corona virus by bill gates. William Henry Gates is an American programming engineer, business head honcho, financial specialist, and humanitarian. He is most popular as the fellow benefactor of Microsoft Corporation. Few hours prior he went on news24, together with the reporter saying […]

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China has officially launched 6G network called ‘complete fiction’, having only just rolled out 5G.

While there had been so much noise about 5G, concerns and worries about the impact of the network on human body and the earth ecosystem as a whole, Chinese has already embarked on 6G. The announcement arrived from the Chinese company’s headquarters in South China with its head of Communications Research Institue, Qin Fei, stating […]

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Barack Obama calls on Africa not to take any vaccine from US and Europe

A few days ago some French doctors wanted some drugs developed to be tested in Africa, a statement that caused several reactions around the world as President Barack Obama, the former American of Kenyan origin, announced that it would be safe to deny some sort of assistance from outside the world to Africa as he […]

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Biden and Sanders tear into Trump over coronavirus response

United States Democratic presidential hopefuls Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders tore into President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak during a Democratic debate on Sunday, offering competing visions of leadership during a widening crisis that has upended the daily lives of Americans. In their first one-on-one debate, the last two Democratic contenders in the race to face Trump in […]

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Can Saudi Arabia really afford to wage an oil price war?

It was the last thing a slowing global economy needed. With the coronavirus pandemic hammering international travel, supply chains and production, Saudi Arabia delivered another shock to the system by declaring an oil price war. On March 6, having failed to convince Russia to agree to deep production cuts aimed at shoring up crude prices against the […]

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Bill Gates Exits Microsoft Board

In this file photo US Microsoft founder, Co-Chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates, poses for a picture on October 9, 2019, in Lyon, central eastern France, during the funding conference of Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. JEFF PACHOUD / AFP Microsoft on Friday announced that co-founder Bill Gates has […]

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US Lawmakers Pass Coronavirus Relief Package Bill

In this file photo taken on March 5, 2020 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speaks during her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. SAUL LOEB / AFP The US House of Representatives early Saturday overwhelmingly passed a coronavirus relief package for Americans hit by the outbreak. The measure passed by 363 […]

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BREAKING: Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta down with coronavirus, players quarantined

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has tested positive for the coronavirus, prompting the Premier League to announce they will hold an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss future fixtures. Arsenal have closed their training ground as a result of Arteta’s positive test, with Gunners players and club staff who had recent contact with the Spaniard now […]

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China Tells Christians to Replace Images of Jesus with Communist President

Thousands of Christian villagers in China have been told to take down displays of Jesus, crosses, and gospel passages from their homes as part of a government propaganda effort to “transform believers in religion into believers in the party.” The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports that Communist Party of China (CPC) officials visited believers’ homes in Yugan county […]

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The X Factor Final, part 2 – the results: Dalton Harris takes the series crown with ‘The Power Of Love

Big news – that show you stopped watching years ago is over! For 2018, at least, as Dalton Harris was declared The X Factor winner live on ITV, with all the stage invasions, confetti and awkward hugs we’ve come to expect. So what else happened during the grand finale? And the winner is… Just Eat! The takeaway […]

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British couple thank New York police for finding ring after fumbled proposal

Detectives in New York have tracked down a British couple who lost their engagement ring through a grate in Times Square after a romantic proposal went wrong. They say they will reunite the pair – named John Drennan and Daniella Anthony – with their rescued jewellery after an online appeal to hunt them down. Mr Drennan said […]

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