Barack Obama calls on Africa not to take any vaccine from US and Europe

A few days ago some French doctors wanted some drugs developed to be tested in Africa, a statement that caused several reactions around the world as President Barack Obama, the former American of Kenyan origin, announced that it would be safe to deny some sort of assistance from outside the world to Africa as he believes that the vaccines are very dangerous and may be harmful to Africans.

Barack Obama is telling Africans not to consider the vaccines that will come from America and Europe because he considers them to be dangerous, so there will be testing land in Africa that could be detrimental to them in effect.

Barack Obama: I’m going to be an accomplice if I don’t condemn this evil act that white people want to do to Africans, first of all I was born in America because I’m African blood, I’m not going to encourage white people to kill Africans with their toxic vaccines, I’m asking Africans to be careful and to make sure the coronavirus vaccines don’t get into African territory, there’s a machiavellian scheme they’re inventing, saying we’re going to be clever

 Is it true that Africa is their dumping ground?

Your take will be very vital in this discussion as we all need to be safe.

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